What people say

From Thomas Power, Founder, Pura Aventura, 2020
May I just say, as an observer of your work over the past few years, thank you.
Your missives are one of the few travel industry updates I always took the time to read in full, even when I didn’t want to, or have time. They always delivered clarity, honesty, integrity and humour with not a hint of guff and hyperbole which normally blights the usual crap we get. The point being that we are barely even customers of Amazonas so those emails should, at best, have been of only tangential interest and engagement.
And I know it’s not just me, within our office, yours would regularly be the topic of discussion and laughter.
So congratulations for your work. I hope your next chapter proves rewarding and successful.


From  Stuart Whittington, Head of Product, Journey Latin America, 2020
I want to send you my personal thanks for all your incredible updates and insights on all things Peru over the last six years. They have genuinely been essential reading for all of us.


From Robert and Daisy Kunstaetter, www.journeywriters.com, 2018
We have worked with Mark Smith starting 2014. Since that time he has ably assisted us with research for several guidebooks which we either wrote or contributed to. Most recently, these included Trekking Peru (Mountaineers, 2017), the South American Handbook by Ben Box (94th edition, Footprint, 2017), and The Peru Handbook (10th ed, Footprint, 2018).

Mark’s editorial contributions reflect his in-depth knowledge of the Cuzco region of Peru as well as his expertise in the fields of trekking, rafting and bird watching. His notes have been clear and accurate, and he has always been available to follow-up on our questions and comments.

It has been a pleasure to work with Mark. We have been impressed with his easy-going nature, his strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as his generosity in sharing his knowledge.

We are pleased to give Mark our warmest recommendation.

From Hilary Bradt, Founder, Bradt Travel Guides, 2018
Mark Smith played a prominent part in the Anniversary Edition of Trekking in Peru, published in 2014. He was an accurate, reliable and courteous writer who met tight deadlines. His maps were exceptionally useful in a guide where accurate cartography was essential. I wish him well.

From Gary Sargent,  President and Founder, Escaped to Latin America, 2014
Between 2012 to 2013, Mark wrote three blogs a month for the company as well as content for the new website we built. The blogs drew on his many years’ experience of living in Cusco and covered a diverse array of themes. Mark is reliable, writes well, and can draw on his wealth of Peru experience to provide in-depth knowledge of a diverse country.