Peru Declares State of Emergency

By Mark Smith

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Peruvian president declared a 15-day state of emergency across the whole of the country. It comes into effect from midnight tonight and is the latest in a series of tough measures designed to contain the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.

The state of emergency was announced by the president in a live address to the nation. With only 71 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus to date, Peru wanted to act sooner rather than later.

What does the State of Emergency entail?

Here are the State of Emergency actions taken by the president:

  • Peru to close borders: Peru will close all international borders at midnight on Monday, except for the import and export of goods. There will be no international flights into or out of Peru for 15 days.
  • People forced to stay at home: Everyone must stay in their homes for the next 15 days. The police and military will enforce this. However, there are some exceptions allowed. These include going out to buy groceries or medicine or going to the bank.
  • Employees in essential sectors permitted to work: Employees in certain sectors will be allowed to fulfill their duties. These include health workers, financial workers, sanitary workers, telecommunications workers and those employed in the production and supply of food and essential goods.
  • Teleworking made easier: Amendments have been made to employment law to enable employees to stay at home and work.

The President emphasized supplies are not running out

The President made clear that food and basic supplies will not run out and that the production and supply of food will continue as normal.

The President asked for caution and calm

The President closed his address with an urge for calm and compliance: “It is a tough measure, a drastic measure, but if we do not take it now, we are going to face much greater costs later.”

Visit the official Peruvian government website for the latest updates on the state of emergency and the battle against coronavirus.